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Here’s one of my first takes on emoji from 2017.
Can You Read Below and Respond with
A – right on
B – fools gold
C – sure, but tough sell
D – better stuff elsewhere
E – don’t care
Why Emoji
Again Emoji domains take an emoji like  😊.ws     and makes it type-inable from your smartphone and the whole internet sees  😊.ws, and the devices and navigation is based on xn--o28h.ws

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Buts its hard to think new, different and diversified.
Emoji are:
More Emotional than Logical
More Visual than Cognative
More Right Brain than Left
Emoji are more Instagram than Facebook
More Apps than Browser Bar
More Apple than Windows
More Mobile than desktop
More Global then US
More Multi-Language than English only
More Millennial than Baby Boomer
More Bitcoin than NYSE
Emoji are More Squarespace/Weebly/Wix than Cpanel/Dns/ Hosting
More Cut the Cord than Cable
More Women/Girls and Men/Boys
More Market based than Icann Regulation based
More Unicode than Text
More Open-Minded than Closed
More Hack than .com (Think .io, .ly, .AI)
so yes – you have to crack the door open on non-.com thinking
.WS isnt #2 to .com in emoji domains, they are #1 as the only
choice for all but 60 grandfathered domains
More Future than past
More Non-Domainer than Domainer
More Logo than Text Url
More Collector than PPC/Traffic Arb, as of now
More Influencer than Employee
More E-Sports than NFL/NBA
So the US based English Speaking Guy Baby Boomer who is Internet 1.0,
ICANN based, windows logical left brain
cognative, facebook watching windows desktop computer
who says they own all .coms, but has dipped into others, and
invests on the past  using text based wont get emojis
but maybe the
Multi-Lingual Global Woman Millennial on Internet 3.0 looking at market
Based Apps with a right brain orientation on a smartphone​, and doesn’t
mind hacks​ and is investing for the future does…

​and we just have to help them​ understand ownership, forwarding
and the power of ONE
Thanks for the read.
Page Howe