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Google Chrome Browser Update for Emoji

So its getting easier and easier to type Emoji into the Google Chrome Browser……right click popup.   Emoji are already used by everyone on their smartphones, and browsers are catching up.  This should help content creators and emoji domain name owners as Emoji Domain Names are easier to use. So Whats Happened? A desktop or notebook experience with emoji has meant two interfaces, what and how does Windows treat emoji, and how does the browser handle emoji....
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Emoji Domain Name – Use Cases – Designers

Emoji Domain Names for Designers If your a branding consultant or designer, your staying up on trends, like Emoji Domain Names. Help start a conversation about emoji domain names by putting yours on your business card or social media links, and at Conferences. Capture the Wow! Factor of using an emoji domain name. Here are some being used in this manner. Digital Labs – xn--v7h.ws   ⚗.ws Or have a Doughnut  🍩.ws  
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Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop

Emoji Domain Blog – Education Update #1 Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop First in a series….. You’re used to using emoji on phone as, so emoji domains would look like this, 👱‍♂️.ws  🎟.ws  😐.ws or 😇.ws. Now use them on your desktop and laptop. Apples users this hasn’t been that hard as your have a virtual keyboard, click the emoji icon. Many users prefer a plugin which makes using emoji even easier. When working with...
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The New 2017 Emoji

Emoji New 2017
New 2017 Emoji for Domains The new 2017 Class of Emoji Domain Names is out on most operating systems, and keyboards. Some older software may still show a box, or question mark. Looking back, even after a year Im not sure these were truly the most needed new emoji, but as more and more people use them, they could become special. Some may develop alternate meanings or memes never intended. This class introduces more gender...
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