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So sure Emoji Domain Names (EDN) are cool, visual, mobile, emotional and graphical.. and new..  and popular with the younger generations, and globally.

And early adopters have taken to them, as well as influencers.. but Page- you ask

“What other companies are using EDN’s as website or forwards?”

well Jon Roig keeps a list at i❤.ws

and heres a few more

FORWARDS – use a easy to remember and high cool factor emoji domain
name to forward to existing content.

📙.ws  Emojipedia – The go to site for everything emoji, the orange book matches their style and color scheme.

🌙👞🍉💨🍳😀🎣🍕.🍕💩.ws   Thank You Japan for EMoji..
A nod to Japan’s contribution.

😀📖.ws  Emoji Book
Global campaign to combine Art and Emoji

🔑🔑🔑.ws  StoryHeap Snapchat Analytics Platform
With the Triple Key, they are emphasizing not just the key, but KEY KEY KEY