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So its getting easier and easier to type Emoji into the Google Chrome Browser……right click popup.


Emoji are already used by everyone on their smartphones, and browsers are catching up.  This should help content creators and emoji domain name owners as Emoji Domain Names are easier to use.

So Whats Happened?

A desktop or notebook experience with emoji has meant two interfaces, what and how does Windows treat emoji, and how does the browser handle emoji.

You can use the CTRL and WINDOWS key to open a emoji pop up (searchable) for input fields in webpages, email clients and other software.

But for some reason it didnt work in the browser bar, just the google search box.

Now, without using the CTRL and WINDOWS you can have a Emoji keyboard show-up just be right clicking while in the browser bar.

Thanks Kevin at Domain Incite for the discovery.

See more from Kevin here

QUICK TIP – If you right click on your browser bar and get the emoji popup (Top Choice), after entering your emoji and before the .ws tld, ESC  out of emoji.

If you dont, you will see a link just below with the punycoder of your emoji, but an error unless you scroll down once.