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Made some comments on the iEEE.org article

article here


Emoji Domains 😀😀😀 are so unique and different, emotion versus keyword, visual versus text, global 🌐 versus US 🗽 centric- or even western, more female than male, young 👱‍♂️.ws than old, more mobile than desktop 💻.ws , more smartphone than laptop…its no wonder they dont fit in nicely with the old desktop based domain system..


but they are fun, and easy to type, and your mind processes them quickly.. so its 🧸.ws and you are immediately expecting a site about either the literal teddy bear, or something cute and cuddly.


some key points, there are about 2400 emoji, every smartphone, computer, browser, social network, software uses basically the same list from <a href=”#”>https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html</a> now each software, browser or social media uses their own rendering, like a font, but my teddy bear is the same domain for teddy bear, even if it looks a little different, like fonts do for letters


Emoji Domains used the tried and tested IDN domain name system converting each emoji into an idn domain name, best at punycoder.com so 🧸.ws becomes xn--fw9h.ws and works on the whole internet, then shows up again as 🧸.ws. or maybe the punycode on some broswers.


But browsers, and OS’s and software are changing and updating to take emoji Thanks for the article and discussion, im happy to answer any questions.


Thousand are already registered, so some 1 character and better combos are available at resale stores, like my <a href=”#”>http://www.emojidomainnames.com</a>