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So just what Emoji are on an Apple and how can you use them in Emoji Marketing.  Not every emoji you can think of or have custom made is on Apple IOS.

The key to emoji domain names is they are IDN’s that are on 1 billion smartphones, many of them using Apple IOS. So you need to use in Emoji Marketing the Emoji that customers can type in easily.

Emoji Domain Names

And when using Emoji in Domain names, the most important thing is to use emoji that are on the major devices. For our Emoji Domain Names (EDN) for sale, check out BuyEmojis.ws

The first section is Smileys, and what i call characters or personalities. Its four swiped sections and contains many of the most used emoji for feeling. Plus great for add-ons  to text messages and quick replies.

MacWorld helped us in their December 2016 article with the new Apple IOS keyboard. This has been updated let get a sense of the Emoji most user have been using for years.

There are two updates after the below images. One is for the new 2017 Emoji, which are just now beginning to show and be used. the second are the 2018 Emoji which have been selected, but not implemented as much.

Emoji on Apple X

Images Copyright Apple

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