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December 2016  10.2 (Does not include 2017 and 2018 New Emoji)

So which emoji can you get in an Emoji Domains? These are the available Emoji most people are used to typing in. Many newer version shave skin tones, the new emoji and various genders.

Smileys – The Original Emoji for Most.

Emoji on Apple X

Images Copyright Apple

Pet and Animal Emoji

The comes the Pets and Animals and Animals Faces showing different emotions.

Animal Emoji

Animal Emoji

Food Emoji for Emoji Domain Names

And what do People and Animals have in common, they get hungry.

Food Emoji for Domain names

Food Emoji on Apple (2016)

Travel and Places Emoji

The Travel and Places Emoji sections is the source of the most valuable Emoji Domain Names.  From travel, to real estate to cars these emoji show people going places, spending money and having fun.

Travel and Place Emoji

Travel and Places Emojis

Emoji – Objects Sections

Here are the object Emoji on an Apple Keyboard.

List of Objects Emoji

Emoji Objects

Activity Emoji for Domain Names

Some of the most popular emoji are sports and activities. here whats shows on most Apple keyboards.  These make great emoji domain names for sports.

Sports and Activity Emoji

Sports and Activity Emoji for Domain Names

Symbol Emoji

Many times its just as easy to go to an emoji keyboard as the alternative punctuation keyboard.  These emoji can also mean action and can be effective digital marketing tools. Here are the Emoji Symbols form most Apple Smartphone IOS keyboards.

Emoji Symbols

Symbol Emoji

List of Flag Emoji

Lastly Flag localize Emoji to Your Country.  Show your local pride and connect with your country with a flag emoji domain name.

Flag Emojis

Emoji for Countries – Flags