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Object Emoji

Some of the most popular Emoji Domain Names are the objects. Shown here is the December 2016 Apple keyboard, (since updated). Two updates have happened since then, the Class of 2017 Emoji and the new 2018 Emoji.

Using Object Emoji in Emoji and Digital marketing can either be the actual product being sold or bought or talked about. You can also use an object emoji  for a thing and product with the characteristics of the object.

Emoji Domain Names – Objects

Here is the objects screen.

Emoji Domain List – Objects

So there are some duplicates such as movies having the camera, the film, and the “Action” board thats used to be clicked before you rolled tape.

There are pens facing left and right, and lots of hardware.

You also have some that on small screens might be hard to distinquish, ie the Camera and the Camera Flash.

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Once a user is on the objects screen, its easy to hit an object two or three times so double and triple emoji domain names are almost as easy to type in as the single, for a lower price.

Lastly, when making double emoji combination domain names, sometimes choosing emoji that appear close together make then easy to enter.

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