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Emoji are used mostly on Mobile, yet industry is still tied to Desktop

Emoji Marketing is mobile, not desktop/laptop.

Reason Two domain investors and the domain industry haven’t taken to emoji domains is they don’t use them.  Even bloggers. Emoji Marketing is for apps, social media and texting – incredibly fast growing trends that have passed domains.

The domain name industry was built on web forms, and emails. Registering names and contact handles, NIC code, nameservers and email approvals.

Investors and domain name users are on their laptops, with their mobile on the desk or table right beside. On that device we are all texting, using emoji in social media posts and comments.

Then we sit back down at the keyboard and we all but forget about emoji.  But emoji marketing is all about mobile devices, phones, watches and whatever comes next.

For me, it took a bit to realize I create and manage my emoji domain on my desktop; to create a user experience that the world sees on their mobile device.

An emoji isa quick one character reply to a question, an addon to a text when you don’t want to spell out how you feel, just show it.

Most industry participants and domain investors are on a laptop or desktop, working, researching, writing, blogging.  Since they don’t use emoji they cant see how they could valuable in domain names. See an emoji keyboard to walk on the other side.

But the same thing could be said about apps, social media networks and texting – all trend which have surpassed domains.

So I’m betting on emoji domain names because even though investors and the industry don’t use them on desktops and laptops, the world – and the fasting growing parts of the online community do.

On to reason number 3 – Emoji are more global and US or Western Based.