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Google Chrome Browser Update for Emoji

So its getting easier and easier to type Emoji into the Google Chrome Browser……right click popup.   Emoji are already used by everyone on their smartphones, and browsers are catching up.  This should help content creators and emoji domain name owners as Emoji Domain Names are...
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Marketers Continue to use Emoji in Emails.. Domains Next?

Emoji in Email Marketing
Emoji marketing continues to grow and grow. A quick scan of my inbox shows more and more emoji in the subject lines. Emoji can communicate more than words, emotions and feelings. Emoji can help align the company with the customer, emoji use shows a currentness...
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Emoji Domain Name – Use Cases – Designers

Emoji Domain Names for Designers If your a branding consultant or designer, your staying up on trends, like Emoji Domain Names. Help start a conversation about emoji domain names by putting yours on your business card or social media links, and at Conferences. Capture the...
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Emoji Domain Name Use Cases – Landers

Emoji Domain Name
Emoji Domain Names Some times you just want to say you OWN it. These are some example of .ws emoji domain names just parked or coming soon. Have a favorite emoji, buying one for future development. The picture says it all. These users have their...
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Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop

Emoji Domain Blog – Education Update #1 Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop First in a series….. You’re used to using emoji on phone as, so emoji domains would look like this, 👱‍♂️.ws  🎟.ws  😐.ws or 😇.ws. Now use them on your desktop and laptop. Apples...
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