Emoji Domains Am I Crazy?

Emoji Domain Name Blog
Here’s one of my first takes on emoji from 2017. Can You Read Below and Respond with A – right on B – fools gold C – sure, but tough sell D – better stuff elsewhere E – don’t care Why Emoji Again Emoji domains...
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Who uses Emoji Domain Names (EDN)?

So sure Emoji Domain Names (EDN) are cool, visual, mobile, emotional and graphical.. and new..  and popular with the younger generations, and globally. And early adopters have taken to them, as well as influencers.. but Page- you ask “What other companies are using EDN’s as...
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Why .WS?

.WS is the market leader in emoji domain names with the most names, the highest profile and the most experienced and largest registry. I bought my first  .WS domain name in 2002.  They were one of the first to market a cctld globally based on...
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