Emoji Domain Name Use Cases – Landers

Emoji Domain Name
Emoji Domain Names Some times you just want to say you OWN it. These are some example of .ws emoji domain names just parked or coming soon. Have a favorite emoji, buying one for future development. The picture says it all. These users have their pages showing an emoji or coming soon. So just a picture looks good for these  .ws Emoji Domain Names. Cow Emoji .ws Domain Name (will make sound) or these –...
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Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop

Emoji Domain Blog – Education Update #1 Using Emoji on Desktop / Laptop First in a series….. You’re used to using emoji on phone as, so emoji domains would look like this, 👱‍♂️.ws  🎟.ws  😐.ws or 😇.ws. Now use them on your desktop and laptop. Apples users this hasn’t been that hard as your have a virtual keyboard, click the emoji icon. Many users prefer a plugin which makes using emoji even easier. When working with...
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Have You Updated Your Windows

Emoji Domains
Emoji Domains now Easier to Use Windows April 2018 Update includes Emoji Keyboard Well after clicking not now, later and wait to update; I finally updated my laptop to the new windows update. And now the emoji keyboard is fully integrated. Just hit the Windows key and the “period”    
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Reason 2 Emojis are Mobile, not Desktop

Emoji Domain Name Blog
Emoji are used mostly on Mobile, yet industry is still tied to Desktop Emoji Marketing is mobile, not desktop/laptop. Reason Two domain investors and the domain industry haven’t taken to emoji domains is they don’t use them.  Even bloggers. Emoji Marketing is for apps, social media and texting – incredibly fast growing trends that have passed domains. The domain name industry was built on web forms, and emails. Registering names and contact handles, NIC code,...
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Smileys, Hands and Family (Chrome on Email)

Here is the Emoji order on my Samsung 6s. This shows the order and which emoji are on which screen on the emoji keyboard. So with this you can see which section of the emoji and which page of the Smiley and people section each emoji resides. All content copyright, Page Howe and EdnBlog.com, only reference with and attribution to EdnBlog.com Samsung Emoji by Section A Screen 1   😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅 😆😉😊😋😎😍😘 😗😙😚☺🙂🤗🤔 😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥 Samsung Emoji...
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