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Developed Emoji Domain Names

Use Cases – Emoji Domain Names We continue our random scan of resolving single character and other  Emoji Domain names and look at use cases. There are some extremely talented and creative owners of emoji domain names. 🐙.ws, like many other emoji domain names points to a landing page for the owner.    🌰.ws We also saw the Chestnut emoji come in with a simple landing page and the “Grow Great Things” tagline.    
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Emoji Domain Name Use Cases – Landers

Emoji Domain Name
Emoji Domain Names Some times you just want to say you OWN it. These are some example of .ws emoji domain names just parked or coming soon. Have a favorite emoji, buying one for future development. The picture says it all. These users have their pages showing an emoji or coming soon. So just a picture looks good for these  .ws Emoji Domain Names. Cow Emoji .ws Domain Name (will make sound) or these –...
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Who uses Emoji Domain Names (EDN)?

So sure Emoji Domain Names (EDN) are cool, visual, mobile, emotional and graphical.. and new..  and popular with the younger generations, and globally. And early adopters have taken to them, as well as influencers.. but Page- you ask “What other companies are using EDN’s as website or forwards?” well Jon Roig keeps a list at i❤.ws and heres a few more FORWARDS – use a easy to remember and high cool factor emoji domain name...
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